How to Look For and Evaluate Cheap Email Hosting Services

Looking for cheap email hosting services? It is easy to find sites that provide not only cheap email hosting, but also web hosting, free domain, and other great services as well, all for a pittance. This article will discuss what to look for in a great service provider and the current rates that are cheap but have good value for the client’s money.

There are sites that offer several convenient and cheap email hosting package, which are tailored depending on particular client needs. And if a domain name is needed, it can easily be bought from one’s account.

One such account is for personal email hosting. This is the account of choice for individuals that need only one account. Sites include freebies such as personal calendars and at least one gigabyte of storage. There are also accounts for groups of people that will not exceed five email addresses, and these accounts also have similar freebies to the one above, typically with a larger storage space. For businesses or large organizations, an account with a lot of storage is needed. Email met eigen domeinnaam For this kind of purpose, an account with unlimited space is required.

Also, when choosing providers, a great customer service is a big plus, and should be worth one’s consideration, even if the provider will charge a slightly higher rate. If the client thinks that he will probably be needing customer support often, then keep this consideration in mind. And should it be needed, looking for a hosting plan that will easily integrate with one’s phone.

Typically, plans range from just over a dollar a month to more than two dollars, depending on the plan and its size. However, there are really cheap email hosting providers that for less than two dollars, the customer can get not only email hosting, but also a free domain and web hosting as well! How can two dollars give so much? There are providers that give this three-in-one website development offer. So before choosing a company, make sure they explicitly state what services they will actually provide. Also, make sure there are no hidden charges of secret features, and that all their proverbial cards are laid out on the table. Carefully study and dissect the plans and features that are offered. Some companies, aside from providing free domain, also provide spam protection, unlimited storage space and bandwidth, and web mail. Avoid providers that offer the same plans but charge more. Look for good service at a rate that is affordable. And in addition, most services give more discounts with the increasing number of years of subscription. Sort of like a loyalty rewards program.

Other companies provide cheap email hosting. If one looks hard enough, there are providers that offer a hosting package of up to five dedicated email accounts for less than a dollar! And this includes 2 gigabyte space, IMAP/POP3 access, with anti-virus guard and spam guard. If there is ever a cheap email hosting as cheap as this, then give this writer a heads-up.


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