Laundry Process

The Water used at Green Planet Laundry is 100% ground water (borehole) that has been purified and ozone infused.  Additionally, 98% of our grey water is recycled, purified and reused.

This water filtration system is 100% solar powered.

We also operate the worlds most efficient and advanced washing machines thereby minimising our ecological footprint.


Water is extracted from a borehole then purified using a custom built water purification system to remove any contaminants. The water is then ozonated for sanitation and effectiveness in the laundry system. The process is simple, yet highly effective: Ambient air is compressed and then dried. This dry air is then fed through oxygen concentrators to 95% pure O₂. This O₂ is fed into ‘Corona Discharge’ ozone cells, from which ozone gas (O₃) is produced. The treated borehole water in the storage tank is circulated and via a venturi system, the ozone is injected. The level of ozone in the tank is constantly monitored and controlled by a sophisticated PLC system with touch screen control. This ozone-infused water is then pressurized and  pumped into Green Planet Laundry’s efficient and technologically advanced washing machines. The recycled water is recovered and cleaned then also treated with the same circulating and controlled ozone process killing any bacteria and also preparing the water to be used again as prewash or wash water in the next cycles.